Hiep Thai Food Store was founded by Minh and Xuan in March 1987. They started in a 3,800 square feet building and worked diligently to improve the market. Through their discipline, honesty, and passion, they pioneered the way for the family to continue moving forward to expand the market.

With the unity and clarity to build a stronger foundation, the market moved into a larger building in 2002, where it is located today. From then on, the business prospered with the leadership of Mrs. Xuan, and Hiep Thai Food Store now has a second location in Arlington, TX. We sincerely thank our dedicated team members and our loyal customers throughout the years.


The History:

​"Hiệp Thái (協泰) means to work together and help each other grow."

​Established in 1987, Hiep Thai is an Asian local market filled with a variety of food and household items imported from Asia, including Philippine, Africa, and Mexico.